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Scholarship Guidelines:


Applicant must be a current full time STUDENT (in good standing) attending at a two or four year local college located in Western New York (WNY). (WNY is defined as Erie, Niagara, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, and Genesee Counties.) or a Senior from a local High School who is planning on attending a Local Community College, University or a professional local educational Institute to further their lifelong work career.


Must be a student member of ASQ Buffalo Section 201.  NOTE: ASQ student membership number will be verified.


Previous winners of this award and students not attending regional WNY colleges or Educational Institutes are not eligible.





Only WNY** full time students living at home or at any Local WNY** College or other Professional Educational Learning Institute can apply.  It is open to any High School senior student who has been accepted at a Local WNY** College or Local Professional Educational Learning Institute.  Students can receive a maximum of 1 scholarship, but students can apply 3 times to receive a scholarship up thru the start of their second year of Graduate School.


WNY** is defined as Erie, Niagara, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, and Genesee Counties in New York.


Students must write a 750 word essay and answer the following questions:

What is your Career Objective?

What does Quality mean to me today and how do I intend to promote it working in my career objective?



Application Guidelines:


Complete both pages of the application. The Career Objective and Essay MUST be e-mailed. No hand writing allowed. (All electronic communications) NOTE: Applications with hand written Career Objective and Essay will be rejected.


Sign the application and have it endorsed by a faculty member of the high school, college, university, or institute. Then scan into your computer and email. Faculty member can also email a recommendation letter to the Scholarship Chairmen at email below.


Attach your official high school or local college transcript and indicate your GPA. Scanned in copy is acceptable. Where school policy denies transcripts directly to the student, request that it be sent to the address below, and furnish evidence of your request within the application. This shall be done every time the student applies for the scholarship.  If you desire (not required) scan in a letter of reference from school faculty, employer, etc.


High school senior’s MUST provide evidence of acceptance at a local college/university or professional local educational Institute. (scan in copy)


State your career objective and complete the requested essay (On page 2 of application). Remember handwritten copies will not be considered and will not be returned.


Retain a copy and e-mail completed application to Dianna Cichocki at diannac@buffalo.edu.


Send hard copy for back-up only to:

ASQ Scholarship Chairman
American Society for Quality
Buffalo Section 0201
P.O. Box 474
Williamsville, NY 14231



 ASQ Scholarship is Linked with Student Chapters:


We have now formalized Scholarship Awards with the Student Chapters of ASQ Buffalo

Effective September 2015


There are now 5 elements evaluated:

Essay: 1 - 5 points:    A=5   B=4   C=3   D=2   F=1   Points evaluated by Scholarship Committee

Grades: 1 - 3 points: Based on overall (GPA) grade average - A=3   B=2   C=1   points.

Based on a 4.0 scale   3 pts.  for 4.0 - 3.5 = 3 pts,  3.49 – 3.0 = 2 pts; and 2.99 – 2.5 = 1 pt.

Teacher recommendation letter: 1 point

ASQ Student Chapter Member:

For each year that you pay your ASQ student membership dues you get 1 point.

For every ASQ meeting you attend you get 1/3 point.

By attending an all day ASQ conference event/seminar/training class etc. you get 1 point.

Child/Grandchild of ASQ Buffalo Member: 1 point.


The total points a student can achieve would be 5 for the essay, 3 for grades, 1 for teacher recommendation letter,  1+ points for being an  ASQ Student Chapter member; 1+ points for attending ASQ meetings and finally, 1 point if parent/grandparent is an ASQ Buffalo Member.


The Total possible points is 11 + points.


The Minimum points needed are 6 + points to be considered for an award.

When submitting your Application assume only 2 points for your essay.


Feedback will be given to any students who does not win an award upon request.


Students can receive up to $1000 maximum scholarship, $750, $ 500 or $250 minimum based on the points they have earned. NOTE: All moneys do not have to be given out each year.




Send hard copy for back-up only to:


ASQ Scholarship Chairman
American Society for Quality
Buffalo Section 0201
P.O. Box 474
Williamsville, NY 14231